The curriculum at Chinley School is designed to promote high standards in all areas of learning and provide rich and memorable experiences. It should equip children to contribute to the global and local community in which they live, to enjoy happy and safe lives and be well-prepared for the next stage of their education and beyond.

The intent of our curriculum design is to:

–       Follow the National Curriculum.

–       Promote high standards in reading, writing and mathematics.

–       Provide all leaners with opportunities to read widely across genres and subjects including reading for pleasure.

–       Promote high standards of presentation with children taking a pride in the work they produce.

–       Allow children to develop independent learning skills and resilience for life-long learning.

–       Enable children to acquire knowledge and skills in S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to access the modern world.

–       Promote pupil and staff well-being and healthy lifestyles, develop children’s mental strength.

–       Provide art and cultural activities and experiences, both locally and further afield.

–        Promote and develop an understanding of British Values including tolerance, kindness and charity.

–        Equip our children for life outside of school, how to keep safe, manage risk effectively and contribute to the local community.

We follow the 2014 National Curriculum for Primary School pupils and increase enjoyment and engagement with many enrichment days and activities such as whole school art or science days. We regularly welcome visitors into school and enjoy lots of trips and visits. This area gives an overview of the types of things we do in school; each class has published their own planner in this area – further detail can be found in the individual class pages under the “Classes” header.

Phonic Teaching

At Chinley School we introduce the children to phonics through a structured, systematic approach using Letters and Sounds materials and Jolly Phonics in Early Years and Key Stage 1. In Key Stage 2 we introduce Sound Discovery and Read, Write, Inc. Spelling programmes.


In order to foster a love of books and an interest in reading we begin the children on a journey of reading with the books and characters from the Oxford Reading Tree Range. Details can be found at From the early days this scheme is supplemented by numerous other books to increase vocabulary, genre range and exposure to different authors. All books in our library have been aligned to the reading scheme in order to allow us to encourage your child to widen the breadth of their reading within age and ability appropriate books.

Each class shares a class novel read to them by their teacher(s) and the children enjoy discussion around books and texts in group and shared reading activities and comprehension tasks.

Current Curriculum Documents

download Chinley School Curriculum Approach 2019-2020 23-09-2019

download Feedback and Marking Policy - Jan 2020 22-01-2020
download PE Curriculum Progression Map 2019-2020 21-01-2020
download Geography Curriculum Progression Map 2020 07-01-2020
download History Curriculum Progression Map 2020 07-01-2020
download Relationships and Sex Education Objectives 2019-20 08-10-2019
download Relationships and Sex Education Progression Map 2019-20 08-10-2019
download Global Links Progression Map 2019-20 08-10-2019
download MFL - French Teaching Programme 2019-20 08-10-2019
download MFL - German Teaching Programme 2019-20 08-10-2019
download Music Policy May 2019 20-06-2019