Extra Curricular Clubs

To explore the children’s interests beyond the classroom we hold many and varies lunchtime and after school clubs. The choices change each term and the current menu can be found here. We sometimes use an ‘invitation only’ strategy to try and ensure participation from everyone in school, however, normally clubs are open to everyone.

Current Clubs

download Extra Curricular Clubs - Spring 2020 13-12-2019
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Young Voices Key Stage 2 Choir

Our Key Stage 2 choir will be performing at the Young Voices concert on Friday 31st January 2020.
Many of the songs we’ll be learning are pop, show or folk songs which you will probably be familiar with.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could help your children learn the words as it’s tricky learning the choreography with song sheets in hands.  The Dance videos and Lyric videos are also attached so they can practice these at home too. Thank you for your support.

download Young Voices Key Stage 2 Choir - Lyrics 18-09-2019

Dance Videos



Lyric Videos